Anne’s CV

Curriculum Vitae
Educational History

July, 2001: Ph.D. in Anthropology
With Distinction
University of New Mexico

May, 1995: Master of Science Degree, Physical Anthropology,
With Distinction
University of New Mexico
March, 1976: Bachelor of Arts Degree, Art
Metropolitan State College, Denver, Colorado

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Public Talks and Presentations
Weaver, A. and M. Celeskey. (2010). “Flesh and Bone: Bringing our Human Ancestors to Life.” Science Café for Young Thinkers. Sponsored by the Santa Fe Alliance for Science. November 10, 2010.
Weaver, A. (2009). “The ‘E’ Word: Teaching Evolution in the Land of Enchantment. Sponsored by the School for Advanced Research, Santa Fe, NM. February 10, 2009.
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Weaver, A. and M. Howard (2012). “Form and Function; Muscle and Bones as Lever Systems”. Sponsored by the Santa Fe Science Initiative and the Santa Fe Public Schools.
Weaver, A. and M. Howard. (2011). “Evolution: Life Through Time.” A 2-day workshop for public school teachers of grades 4-8. Sponsored by the Santa Fe Science Initiative and the Santa Fe Public Schools. January 29 and February 12 2011.

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Dissertation Research
“Cerebellar volume in Pliocene and Pleistocene Homo.” An analysis of hominid intracranial morphology in the context of the archeological record of human behavioral evolution. A unique study of brain morphology and its implications for human behavioral evolution.
Dissertation on File with the Paleoanthropological Society

Dissertation Committee
Erik Trinkaus, Ph.D., Washington University (Chair)
Joseph F. Powell, Ph.D. (Co-Chair), University of New Mexico
Ralph L. Holloway, Ph. D., Columbia University
Lawrence G. Straus, Ph.D., University of New Mexico

Teaching Experience
Fall, 1996 – Present: Spring 2011: Instructor, Santa Fe Community College (Anthropology 111: Origins and Antiquity of Humankind; Anthropology 262 and 262L: Human Evolutionary Biology; Anthropology 112: The Nature of Culture; Psychology 250: Brain and Behavior; Biol 111: Introduction to Biology (+ Lab); Biol 130: Anatomy and Physiology for Non-Majors (+ Lab); Biol 136: Anatomy and Physiology I (+ Lab)).
Fall 2010: Long term substitute middle school science teacher, Gonzales Community School, Santa Fe, NM
Fall 2008-Present: Middle School Science advisor, Santa Fe Science Initiative, Santa Fe, NM
Fall 2001 –2004: Adjunct Assistant Professor, Anthropology, University of New Mexico.
Fall 2001: Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of New Mexico, Valencia Campus (Anthropology 110/Linguistics 101: Language and Culture).
1996/97 Teaching Assistant, University of New Mexico (Sole Instructor for Physical Anthropology 151 Lab).
1995/96 Teaching Assistanceship, University of New Mexico (Sole Instructor Physical Anthropology 151 Lab).

Professional and Community Service
Grand Awards Judge, Intel International Science Fair, Albuquerque, New Mexico (2007)
Judge, CENAC Science Fair at Santa Fe Indian School (2007, 2008)
Invited Presenter, “Best Practices” Workshop for Santa Fe Community College Faculty Development day (August, 2006).
Board Member, Santa Fe Alliance for Science (2006-2012)
Board Member and Officer, Santa Fe Science Initiative (2004-present)
Member, Core Values Committee, Santa Fe Community College (2006).
Member, Honors Program Development Committee, Santa Fe Community College (2005).
Co-Chair State, New Mexico Post-Secondary Curriculum Standards Committee (Lab Sciences) (2005).
Volunteer, archeological excavation at Burnt Corn Pueblo, Galisteo, New Mexico, under direction of Dr. James Snead, George Mason University (Summer, 2005).
Member, Faculty Development Committee, Santa Fe Community College (2005)
Grant Reviewer, Graduate and Professional Student Association (2001-2002).
Volunteer, archeological excavation at El Miron cave, Ramales, Spain, under direction of Dr. Lawrence G. Straus, University of New Mexico (1998).
Volunteer, Documentation Project involving cranial measurements of Maxwell Museum materials designated for return under NAGPRA (1997).
Graduate Representative, Faculty Search Committee, Physical Anthropology, University of New Mexico (1995-1998).

Awards and Grants
2008 Zia Award for The Voyage of the Beetle, New Mexico Press Women’s Club
2008 Book of the Year award for The Voyage of the Beetle, New Mexico State Library.
1995-1996: Frieda Butler Lecture Award for an Outstanding Student in Anthropology
(University of New Mexico and the Maxwell Museum).
1999: Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research
L.S.B. Leakey Foundation
1998: UNM Anthropology Department travel grant
UNM RPT research/travel grant
UNM SRAC research/travel grant
1996: UNM RPT research grant
UNM Anthropology Department travel grant.
1995: UNM RPT travel grant
UNM Anthropology Department travel grant
UNM SRAC travel grant